Condolences for Robert Lyle Flynt

Bill Matthews posted on 11/26/21

For the few short years I knew him, Robert was always ready to loan me a tool when I needed one or to help me if he could help me. Please keep in mind, only a friend will freely loan his tools.


Winston M Flynt posted on 11/23/21

As many of our family know, I've been hurt very much by the passing of my father. There are many things left unsaid between us that needed to be said and I certainly wish that I could have had more time to be with him. I do have many fond memories of him growing up. Especially when we went fishing, joking around, and working on vehicles. My father was the best father he could be and I feel lucky he was mine, even though we did not always agree with everything. He encouraged me when I needed it and he chastised me in the same way. I loved him very much and I will miss him greatly, even though I know he will always be with me in my heart. My condolences go out to Ann in her time of need. When my mother, Evelyn (Delores)Brown Flynt, who was Dad's first wife of 34 years, and also the mother of my two sisters Pennie and Melanie, along with two other brothers, and one sister that didn't make it at birth, (she had mentioned several times if they had lived, all we needed was a maid and we could have been called the Flynt bunch),passed away in June of '93, I feel Ann helped to fill the void in my dad's heart and helped him to keep going strong till he passed away. She was always there when he needed her the most. My love also goes out to family and friends and to all those that knew my father well. May we all stand in tribute to my father's life and being the person that only he could be. WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU DAD!!!!!



Keith and Darlene Parker posted on 11/22/21

We enjoyed Mr Bobby and his talks. He was a hard worker. We will miss him. Our hearts go out to you at this time. May it comfort you to know that we care


C. N. Brown posted on 11/22/21

Saddened to learn of Robert's death. He was also preceded in death by his first wife, Dolores Brown Flynt, who was the mother of their three children, Winston, Pennie, and Melanie (deceased). Dolores was my sister.


Denise Brown Lynch posted on 11/21/21

Uncle Robert was always kind and fun. What I remember most was his love for old cars. He would scour the woods and look for forgotten vehicles to rescue. I wish I had spent more time with him and had half his knowledge of the Vintage years of the Automobile.


Martha Robinson posted on 11/21/21

Sincere condolences to you, Anne, and to his family. Robert was a good man.