Condolences for Terence Edward Rooke

Julie Davis Salisbury posted on 12/15/21

I had the pleasure of working with Terry on the 90s when he was at BBDO and I handled PR for the agency. Terry was brilliant, humble and kind. There are many brilliant people in the ad and marketing worlds, but never enough who are humble and kind. Terry stood out and made a major impact on his clients and all who worked with him. I’m sending prayers of comfort to his family and loved ones.


April Rooke posted on 12/11/21

I was so happy that Uncle Terry and Uncle Harold had come to visit their brother Robert in Florida just before Dad passed on Nov 26th. I know how much it meant to Dad and it was beautiful to see all three brothers sharing stories from the past and the present.. I enjoyed talking to Uncle Terry about his childhood, his collections, and his family. It was obvious he was proud of you all. You are all in our hearts and prayers, April and family.


Beverly and Jazmin Hall posted on 12/11/21

We are so sadden to hear of passing of Mr Rooke. He was always so kind to us when we came to help him with his home. We will cherish all the life advise he gave us. Rest in the arms of our Lord!


Andrew, Michelle, and Banks Stine posted on 12/10/21

I think you can tell how good a person is by their children. I didn’t know him well, but his children are exceptional.


Tom and Linda Rooke posted on 12/9/21

A sad lost indeed. One more attribute for Terry was the Rooke tradition of loving words. This we all inherited from our grandfather. Terry and I would play Words with Friends daily for the past 5 years or so. He was a challenging player with a strong competitive spirit. We did have a chance to meet up with him in Phoenix two years ago and spend a pleasant evening with him. I will miss him. Your obituary, Ted, was from a loving son. Our condolences to you, Allison, Kate and Max from the Canadian Rookes.


Barbara Rooke posted on 12/9/21

My loved long term friend and dear brother-in-law. I will miss him so much. I love all of you. Aunt Barb