Condolences for Jere Adam Walton

Steve Olson posted on 1/17/22

My heartfelt condolences to the Walton family, wife Annette, son Jacob and step daughter Kathryn and the grandkids that lit up Jere's eyes. I met Jere about 35 years ago with Tom Werk. Tom and I had become good friends and went to Wilmington from Chapel Hill for a weekend and was the first time I met Jere. We instantly became friends (although it was not hard to with Jere) and established what was to become a life long friendship. The Walton's were dealing with their dad being very sick and even though it was a sad time for Jere and the family, he could always manage a smile which became his trademark. Over the years, we spent much time together in all sorts of adventures and even when I moved to Colorado, we never lost touch. I would come back during the summers and many times he would come to Colorado to ski. Jere was a great athlete and skiing came easy for him. His favorite thing was to see how fast he could get to the bottom and beat everyone else. Speed was the name of his game! I will think of my friend often as I did in his life. My home is speckled with photos of some of the great times we had together and although very sad for his passing, am comforted that he has left behind the pain and suffering that he endured with an attitude that amazed anyone that knew him. My father had a favorite saying, "Always have an attitude of gratitude" and Jere epitomized that. I asked him in a text once if he was scared and he pushed it off and replied that he had had a good life full of family and friends. Definitely an attitude of gratitude...


Amy Sanders posted on 1/16/22

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Jere. I met him when I first moved to Wilmington and re-connected with him years ago when he hung our blinds. I sure thought a lot of him, loved his kindness and his smile. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Reinhilde Schepens posted on 1/16/22

I remember the ever smiling Jere, always in for a joke. I cherish the memory of this beautiful soul. Our hart goes out to you all, who will miss him dearly. Big hugs from your Schepens- Moriau family in Belgium.


Tom Werk posted on 1/14/22

Jere was one of my very best friends since the 5th grade. After our family moved to Wilmington from Cincinnati, Ohio, he, along with his great family, “adopted” me at that time even though I was a “yankee” and orientated me to southern culture and how things were done. We immediately bonded an incredible and unique friendship – since we both had the same love of adventure, sports, humor, dogs and yes also – girls. He was one of the - if not the most - kindest, un-selfish and compassionate people I have ever known. He had such an infectious smile, always was easy to talk to – and made a sincere effort to talk to, be kind and respectful to everyone he met. He was part of our family – and my family members all loved him – especially my mom. I couldn’t bear how he has been terribly suffering from ALS the past couple of years; however, I have seen him confront this such absolutely terrible disease - always with his keen wit, constant sense of humor, and never with a sense of self-pity or sorrow; I was always amazed at how he did this - knowing not many people, including myself, could have done this in this manner. We have shared so many great and funny experiences and times together, and I will always treasure them. From riding Yamaha motorbikes in the 6th grade, sneaking out of houses to go camping, staying up all night playing ping-pong, enjoying countless beautiful sunsets while water-skiing, attending UNC football and basketball games, being a groomsman in my wedding, snow-skiing trips to Colorado – and the list really goes on and on. I really am blessed to have known Jere – and to have the type of special friendship – we have had through these past nearly 50 years. I will miss him tremendously – and feel a part of me has also recently died given how close we were – but happy that he is no longer suffering, and he that he is now in God’s gracious and loving hands.



Martie Peck posted on 1/14/22

My deepest sympathy for the loss of Jere! He was an angel on earth and now in Heaven!


bart schepens posted on 1/13/22

It never felt like there was an ocean between us. I am proud to call myself a cousin of Jere. I share in the sadness of his passing and gratefully cherish the warm memory in my heart.


Duane Ingram posted on 1/12/22

My deepest condolences to fall family members. In my times with Jere , he always was smiling !


Martha Misenheimer The Walton family is incredible and Jerry was a perfect example of that posted on 1/12/22

The Walton family is in our thoughts with the loss of Jere. Our sadness is not only because of his death, but what he endured these last years with his illness. Because of you, his family, he was able to face his struggles with deep love and an unending care. The Walton family is incredible and Jere was a perfect example. We loved him very much. Martha and John Misenheimer



Jill Gwinn posted on 1/12/22

Praying for peace and comfort for all of his family and friends. Love to all


Ellen Miller Gantt posted on 1/12/22

Anna, Mike, Herbie and Betty, I was deeply saddened to hear about Jere. I always enjoyed being with Jere at family reunions, weddings, and many visits at Aunt Edith's. He was always smiling and was such a sweet person and fun to be with! Even though we don't see each other as often as we used to know that the love instilled in us as Walton's is strong and transcends time and we all share in your grief and send our love for all of you! Like Anna said he is now having a great reunion with all of our love ones who have gone on before us! Thank God that we are secure in our knowledge that we will see them all again one day! Love Ellen


Mary King posted on 1/12/22

I'm so sorry for your loss, and know in my heart he was greeted by his mom and dad when he entered Heaven. I pray that his family find peace in their hour of need. I knew Jere when he was a young boy, while being friends with his sweet sister Anna, and still am. I remember Jere as a cute and happy child.



Patsy Parrish posted on 1/12/22

Praying for the family



Lyn S posted on 1/12/22

Prayers sent


Becky Hayes posted on 1/12/22

Anna, Mike, and Herbie.....condolences to you and your family.



Gwendolyn K Spicer posted on 1/11/22

Anna, you and your family are in my prayers. Love you....


Tammy posted on 1/10/22

So very sorry! He always had a smile for all!!


Stephen Werk posted on 1/10/22

I'm so sorry to hear this news. I know that Jere was very ill for quite a while. He approached this terrible disease with both vigor and strength. I knew Jere primarily through his friendship with my brother, Tom. He was one of the most positive, welcoming and generous people I've ever met. Heaven has gained a wonderful presence and spirit.